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Welcome to ARC's
Integrated Planning Portal

The integrated planning cycle is synced to a seven-year accreditation cycle, allowing each major plan to be revisited prior to the institution’s next self‐evaluation.

Program Review follows this cycle with each of the six cohorts participating once per cycle. This sets the objectives which drive the activities or action steps to which resources are allocated on an annual basis. These activities or action steps are outlined annually by program units in their Annual Unit Plans.

Annual Unit Planning identifies the specific action steps the planning unit intends to take during the upcoming year and any resources needed for implementation so that institutional resources can be effectively allocated to the planned activities.

American River College developed this model based on a set of guiding principles reflecting an intent to create a supportive, streamlined process that is both meaningful and useful to the participants.

Contact Info

For Faculty based Program Review questions contact:
Veronica Lopez
Faculty Chair/Program Review Committee

For Manager/Dean/VP questions concerning Annual Unit Planning contact:
Jennifer Laflam
Dean of Institutional Effectiveness & Innovation