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Annual Unit Planning

2023-2024 Annual Unit Planning Timeline

Training location information available on CTL online PD document.
Date Role Action
August / September Authors Look At The Data With Your Department Friday September 8th 9-11 Repeat Training (Encourage Other Faculty to Participate)
September / October Authors Working With Your Department, Develop Objectives and Strategies to Improve Your Data
Thursday, November 30 Authors Write and Turn in Your Plan
December 1-10 Reviewers Review & Approve
December 11-21 Senior Administrators Review & Approve

Author – Biology Department Chair
Reviewer – Dean of Science and Engineering
Senior Administrator – Vice President, Instruction

Research Support Drop-in Hours

10:00-11:00 AM on the following Wednesdays on Zoom:

  • October 4th
  • October 18th
  • November 1st
  • November 15th
  • November 29th

What is annual unit planning?

Annual unit planning occurs each fall to develop action steps and allocate resources for the upcoming academic year. Action steps are linked to goals from the institution's strategic plan. This linkage provides a clear connection between institutional planning, unit planning, and resource allocation.

Who participates?

Planning units at all levels of the institution participate in the annual unit planning process. A planning unit is an entity that typically exists in the organizational structure and can be allocated resources. Planning unit levels and roles are defined below.

Unit Type Role in Annual Unit Planning Typical Leads Example
Executive-Level Unit Identifies action steps and related resource needs to implement strategies or objectives that cross multiple divisions or areas; may include requests for cross-functional initiatives that involve multiple areas President, Vice President, Associate Vice President Instruction
Division/Area-Level Unit Identifies action steps and related resource needs to implement objectives that cross multiple programlevel planning units, but do not extend beyond the division or area Dean, Director Humanities
Program-Level Unit Identifies action steps and related resource needs to implement objectives for a program-level planning unit Department Chair, Director, Manager, Supervisor, or designated lead Foreign Languages

How does it relate to program review?

For program-level planning units, annual unit planning advances the program's objectives into action. One outcome of program review is creating an aspirational vision for the planning unit and one or more objectives which work towards achieving the vision. Annual unit planning identifies the specific steps the planning unit intends to take during the upcoming year and any resources needed for implementation so that institutional resources can be effectively allocated to planned activities.

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