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2023 Horticulture AARR Summary

Aggregated Results from Authentic Assessment Review Records (AARR)
Faculty Assessment of Student Learning Outcomes Achievement (Broad Assessment)

Responses to overall student achievement level for specified Course SLOs (students who met professor's minimum expectations):

Achievement Level # of Responses % of Responses
1 - All or most students 3 100 %
2 - More than half of students 0 0 %
3 - Half of students 0 0 %
4 - Less than half of students 0 0 %
5 - None or few students 0 0 %
Total 3

The graph above shows how many of the SLOs assessed and reported by the faculty via authentic assessment (reported in the AARR) have students that are meeting the faculty minimum expectations for student learning. More SLOs in the 1-2 columns indicates that in general, students are meeting faculty expectations and that actions to improve learning are not likely to be needed.

Best practices indicates that SLOs with responses in the 3-5 column are likely candidates for planned actions.

Total number of SLOs that received a 3-5 rating 0
Total number of Proposed Actions directed at SLOs that received a 3-5 rating 0
Proposed Action Rate for SLOs that received a 3-5 rating 0%
Additional Proposed Actions for SLOs that received a 1-2 rating 2

The table above shows how many actions are planned in order to improve achievement of student learning outcomes. In general, best practices indicate that a high percentage of the SLOs in the 3-5 rating will result in planned actions. It is recognized that some number of SLOs in the 1-2 range may also result in planned actions even though the student achievment is satisfactory.

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